Established in 2007, Educate Girls mobilizes communities to tackle gender inequality in some of the worst affected areas in India. We work directly with the government, schools, parents, village leaders and Team Balika (our community volunteers) to reverse the current statistics and all children have access to quality education. By challenging traditional prejudices and empowering village communities to improve infrastructure in their government schools, more girls can be educated on a larger scale. When girls are educated it improves their health, income levels and livelihoods, bringing social transformation.

By collaborating with organizations like UNICEF, Pratham, Sandhan & Dasra, Educate Girls has included their best practices into the program. Our comprehensive model helps communities assess their school situation, initiate action plans and enables them to sustain positive results at the lowest cost. By leveraging the government’s existing investment in schools, we deliver measurable results to a large number of beneficiaries and avoid parallel delivery of services.

Educate Girls aims to give every out-of-school-girl in educationally backward districts in India access to quality education. With this they can support themselves, enter the formal economy, gain employment and lift their families out of poverty.


We aim to achieve behavioural, social and economic transformation for all girls towards an India where all children have equal opportunities to access quality education.


Leveraging existing community and government resources to ensure that all girls are in school and learning well.


Our goal is to improve access and quality of education for around 4 million children living in underserved communities in India by 2018.