Neeta’s mother died in childbirth. In such cases, it is common in the community to consider such a child cursed. However, instead of shunning her, or seeing her as cursed, Neeta’s father thought of his daughter as a blessing.  She was his only child, and he loved her. 

Many neighbors asked him why he would keep a cursed child in the house, especially a girl.  They told him that “bringing up a girl is like watering a neighbor’s garden,” and that it would be best for him to start over.  Neeta’s father refused this notion, as he could never imagine harming his daughter whom he loved so much.  He raised her with love, and worked hard to make sure she had everything she needed. 

Neeta was the only girl in her community to study until class 12.  Because of this, she was recruited to be an Educate Girls Team Balika. Neeta became a role model for other girls in the community, who had started to look up to her. After some time, she was hired as a secretary at a local government office, but she still volunteers with Educate Girls.  She is able to support herself financially, something which is almost unheard of for other women in her community.  At first, most of the women questioned her motives, asking why a woman would ever want to work outside when her place is in the home.  However, they began to see the way that Neeta took care of her father, and they were in awe.  Where people once had long-standing beliefs that girls, especially girls who were educated, grew up to leave their families behind, Neeta was showing them that they were wrong.  Neeta is proof that a girl from the village can add value to not only her family, but to her surrounding community as well.  When asked to whom she owes her success, Neeta replied, “I owe my success to my father’s love.”

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